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Sand Wall Acoustic Panels


  • Pack Size: 9 Tiles – which will provide 2.25sqm coverage
  • Easy to install and affix to wall surfaces


Our sound proofing Sand Wall Acoustic Panels are designed to reduce the level of unwanted sound in a room. Bluespot® provides a range of acoustic panels for use on walls. Our range of design-led acoustic sound absorption panels combine functionality, visual appeal and value. They are very versatile which means they can be displayed on walls in any desired configuration. They are also highly decorative thanks to their 3D raised format and design-led geom

Our Sand wall acoustic panels will absorb up to 85% of reverberate noise and provide aesthetically pleasing wall art to decorate any bare walls. They are suitable for use in a variety of buildings including offices, schools, universities, sport halls, swimming pools, music rooms, theatres, corridors and conference rooms to name a few. They help sound proof high ceiling rooms or any lobby and reception areas with hard flooring surfaces. Also ideal in containing sound reverberations in hotels, hospitality and entertainment venues. Available to buy individually or in pack of 9 panels.

etric shapes which allow you to create striking combinations! The undulating waves of the Sand design panels are evocative of sand dunes and add a relaxing and welcoming feel to any room.


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