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Urban React Height Adjustable Desk


  • Made in Yorkshire to a high standard with busy offices in mind
  • Simple push-button technology
  • Made to benefit your health


We know that sitting at your desk all day can cause a whole load of aches and pains, but with our Urban React Height Adjustable Desk, your office can be a place of comfort – that’s why we love them! With just the push of a button, you can raise this desk from sitting to standing height, and studies show that rotating between the two throughout your workday can benefit both your physical and mental health.

Built to last, these units are Made in Yorkshire and specifically designed to give your office the quality it deserves – that’s why we offer a five-year guarantee. They come in a contemporary range of metallic finishes, meaning you can kit out your office just how you like it and keep your team energised and motivated too.


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